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Planning and Building for the Future!


Pružne građevine Ltd. was founded by the Croatian Railways with the ideas that we put before ourselves as strategic objectives.
Personnel strengthening on the engineering positions and continuous training of the staff, adoption of new work technologies, as well as the application of new materials; this is particularly applied for new tunneling methods, anchoring and micro injection.
At the end, the continuous work on improvement of working conditions and safety at work are of high importance in our business.

We use the latest technologies and the latest materials
during execution. We are certified by ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 standard.



Activities are carried out within five business units that provide services from design and construction to works for the restoration, maintenance and repairs.

  • Construction and capital repairs of overhead lines, railway station and industrial sidings
  • Works on machine track maintenance, fabrication of crane rails and special design of tracks and sidings
  • Regular and corrective maintenance of railway lines, railway stations and sidings
  • Maintenance of rail, road, strategic and minor, construction and transshipment mechanization
  • Cabling, installation, activation, testing and commissioning of signaling and safety (SS) and telecommunication (TC) devices
  • Manufacture of various parts of the SS units and all kinds of signal codes
  • ET welding of rails in a long strip, production of insulated glued composition and intermediate rails
  • Preparation of materials for AT welding of rails and other equipment and tools for AT welding
  • Renovation, repair and construction of a contact network and electric power plants
  • Production of a crossover with the possibility of delivery of switches mounted on thresholds for tilting wagons.

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Some of our clients we done business withHrvatske željeznice (HŽ) - Hrvatska elektroprivreda (HEP) - Dalekovod

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